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Discussions of the Inventors’ Club continue

Leonid Petrosyan, the author of more than 120 inventions, made a report during the regular discussion of the “Inventors’ Club” of the “Noyan Tapan” Foundation, which supports science, development of innovative technologies and perspective solutions.
He presented his three proposals to the inventors gathered in the club, the first of which was related to panel construction, the second to dome roofs, and the third to basalt fiber nets that can be used in agriculture.
The panel construction proposed by the scientist will allow the public to save about 80% of the thermal energy of the apartments. According to him, in the case of panel construction, when the outer walls of the apartments have holes, it is easier to retain heat.
Referring to the dome roofs, L. Petrosyan mentioned that the dome he designed will be made of reinforcements, and the diameter is 46 meters, which is bigger than usual and cheaper. The inventor said that the dome can be used, for example, in the case of a circus building.
L. According to Petrosyan, of its many inventions, basalt nets are of paramount importance, which will enable villagers to effectively fight against cold, hail and even UV rays.
According to him, to cover one hectare of land with such a network will require about $ 12,400. The scientist claims that more affordable networks will be less effective. L. Petrosyan noted that the networks offered for vineyards and fruit trees are different. At the same time, the inventor mentioned that it was not right to use the proposed basalt nets directly without testing.
L. After Petrosyan’s report, the members of the club discussed a number of organizational issues and decided that the structure of the club would be decided at the next meeting.

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