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Members of “Noyan Tapan” Foundation “Inventors’ Club” met with representatives of the RA Ministry of Defense

The scientists, members of the Inventors’ Club within the framework of the Noyan Tapan Foundation, which supports science, development of innovative technologies and perspective solutions, had the opportunity to present their proposals for the defense of the country to the officials of the RA Ministry of Defense for perspective cooperation.

The discussion of the “Inventors ‘Club” was attended by the head of the Military Industry Department of the RA Ministry of Defense Murad Isakhanyan and the head of the military technical service of the RA Ministry of Defense, Colonel Kamo Mirzoyan, who welcomed this initiative of the “Noyan Tapan” Foundation and expressed readiness to cooperate with the Inventors’ Club.
As Murad Isakhanyan, Head of the Military Industry Department of the RA Ministry of Defense, informed, on March 25 of this year, the RA Law on Military-Industrial Complex was adopted and is already in force, according to which a State Committee on Military Industry and a military-industrial commission should be established within the RA Ministry of Defense. և Scientific and technical councils, which presupposes the study of specific proposals of Armenian inventors և Their appropriate response from the state structure.
According to him, it is welcome when Armenian inventors seek proposals առաջարկ to find solutions պաշտպանության for the defense of the country, but they should not forget that the RA Ministry of Defense cannot study and respond to all the proposals for objective-subjective reasons. “To date, we receive many proposals from various individuals and organizations, each of their authors thinks that his proposal is the most important for the Armed Forces, while the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces decides which of these inventions the army needs and which does not.” The representative of the Ministry of Defense emphasized. Մ. According to Isakhanyan, the purpose of the above-mentioned military-technical-scientific-technical councils is to study the proposals made by individuals or Armenian companies in as much detail as possible, and if necessary, to introduce them in the RA Armed Forces.
According to the latter, at present the main problems of the military industry of the RA Ministry of Defense are three: keeping the existing armaments in the state of military equipment, from their maintenance to major repairs, then modernization of Soviet-made military equipment, creation of new samples of armaments and military equipment.
Մ. Isakhanyan noted that the cooperation of the inventors with the RA Ministry of Defense will be more effective if the inventors work to solve the above-mentioned problems.
“Currently, the project of military-technical-scientific-technical councils includes four directions: mechanical engineering, high technologies, physics-mathematics, chemistry-biochemistry,” said M. Isakhanyan, adding that the inventors should take these directions into account in their work.
The representative of the Ministry of Defense promised to help the inventors to present their inventions in the two councils attached to the Military-Industrial Commission. “If the proposal is approved by the commission, the amount required for the implementation of the proposal will be automatically determined – the provision to the inventor,” he said.
The head of the Military-Technical Service of the RA Ministry of Defense, Colonel Kamo Mirzoyan also took part in the discussion of the “Inventors’ Club” of the “Noyan Tapan” Foundation, who got acquainted in detail with the proposal of each of the inventors through individual conversations.

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