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The Armenian inventor presented new, revolutionary equipment and technologies

Armen Adamov, a member of the Inventors’ Club, a member of the Inventors’ Club supporting the Science, Innovative Technologies and Perspective Solutions Foundation, presented new equipment and technologies at a regular meeting of the Inventors’ Club on February 13.

According to the inventor, in particular, it refers to “Adamov stove”, “Adamov tower”, “Detonation pyrolysis” technology և New refrigeration technologies. Presenting the above-mentioned innovations, A. Adamov stressed that he mainly studies combustion, detonation, explosive processes, freezing.
Adamov Furnace is a multifunctional utilization furnace that can generate heat and electricity during solid waste recycling, and Adamov Tower is a small solid and organic waste recycling plant. In his words, “Adamov Tower” can be the best solution for greenhouse farms. According to the inventor, as a result of the processing of solid household wastes of organic origin, in addition to heat, liquid fuel is obtained, in particular, oil.

Referring to “Detonation pyrolysis” from technological technologies, A. Adamov said that this technology is a very effective version of accelerated pyrolysis and in terms of its small size is many times more efficient than large existing pyrolysis plants. According to the speaker, the new refrigeration technologies make it possible to get refrigeration practically anywhere in the world at no cost. “Technologies are revolutionary and need additional scientific research and testing,” he said. Questions and answers followed by a heated discussion. The members of the club unanimously decided to offer Armen Adamov’s equipment and technologies to be included in the Noyan Tapan Foundation’s 2016 support program supporting science, innovative technologies and perspective solutions.

Eliza Zakharyan, “Noyan Tapan”

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