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Grigory Manasaryan’s internal combustion rotor engine

On July 5, AABC American-Armenian TV, website and “Noyan Tapan” Facebook page broadcast “Noyan Tapan”‘s “Innovative Armenia” program online, where the guest of the program – inventor, doctor of technical sciences, professor – was introduced Grigory Manasaryan internal combustion rotary engine. The question why the inventions and discoveries of Armenian inventors are not in demand in the Armenian reality was also discussed.


If the outer diameter of a stationary body is equal to Ф = 400 mm and the width is 120 mm, the working volume of one cell will be equal to Vh = 0,3 l, and the average radius of rotation of the shovel Rср = 0,16 m.
In this case, the total mass of the engine will not exceed 100 kg.
If the speed is equal to n = 2000 rpm, the effective motor power և torque will be Ne ≈ 500 kW և Mkr, respectively. ≈ 2500 Nm.

The engine has the following main advantages:

– The engine does not have a circulating-valve gas distribution mechanism, as well as a sprocket, which significantly reduces the engine mass-size,
– all major engine parts rotate,
– As compression և combustion drives occur in different cells with different temperatures, some fuel savings occur;
– we have a practically stable, torque lever,
– The diameters of the inlet and outlet windows are much larger than in the valve gas distribution mechanism, which leads to a reduction in engine impeller losses;
– 16 working strokes are performed during one rotation of the rotor,
– the engine is silently balanced,
– The engine is a module, which allows you to multiply the power of the entire power plant by adding modules.

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