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We have already developed seismic sensors, which are the first in the world in terms of sensitivity

Our scientists left in Armenia can solve global problems. This is the conviction of Leon Toros, an engineer, member of the board of the Union of Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America, who has made a certain contribution to the development of science in Armenia, who has studied the scientific potential of our country for a long time, since 1991.

“Our scientists are one of the main problem solvers, no matter where they are, whether they are in Armenia or abroad, they solve the problems that the world is interested in,” said Levon during today’s program of “Noyan Tapan” news center “Scientific Armenia” program. Toros: We have already created sensors in the field of seismicity, which occupy the first place in the field of sensitivity, there is no American, Russian or European, anywhere that can compete in that field. Prospective customers are interested in security: governments, such as the United States, are interested in using the product to protect their borders, while other countries, such as India and Israel, are interested in security issues. We also try to create jobs in Armenia, because jobs are in Armenia, they help the economy ”
Referring to the question in what other spheres these sensors are used, what certain opportunities they provide, the Engineer said.
“There are dozens of unrelated applications. Areas are as follows: The first is buried at the border, “a person feels walking more than 300 meters, and the movement of a car – from kilometers, the tank – from 6-7 kilometers.”
Another area of ​​application of sensors developed by Armenian scientists is the discovery of oil and gas in the subsoil. The demand for such sensors in the world market is greater because these devices “see” deeper underground, as is the high solubility that allows us to distinguish, say, oil from gas. According to Leon Toros, today an average of 14 wells are drilled in the relevant areas to reach at least one of them to reach oil reserves, while the sensor created by our scientists allows to drill 14, say, instead of spending 14 million dollars, 1-2 million dollars. Solve the same problem by drilling 1-2 times.
Today, the sensitivity of the medical “eye” is higher than the frequency of 1 hertz, the frequencies below it – one tenth, one hundredth, one thousandth of a hertz – can not measure, while the sensor created by Armenian scientists, being the size of a cell phone lens, allows to detect, measure even things that medicine has not yet measured, thus revolutionizing the medical field, to do something they have not yet done!
“Since we are in a new physical field, the ability is a 1-nanometer measuring device,” said Toros, adding that it allows the creation of 1-nanometer measuring devices, which are widely used and in demand in various industries.
The other guests of today’s issue of “Noyan Tapan” “Scientific Armenia” program – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Ogannesyan, President of the Union of Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America Jean Sirajyan – other issues.
The interview could be followed live on AABC Armenian TV, as well as online at Noyan Tapan News Center, Noyan Tapan’s Youtube channel, Noyan Tapan Facebook page N Noyan Tapan in the Facebook group.
The program was hosted by the director of “Noyan Tapan” Tigran Harutyunyan.

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