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When our national security is endangered ․․․

The rapid growth of blue-green algae (some of them are poisonous) in Lake Sanaa this year, the extremely dangerous flowering of the lake with these algae, does not seem to be of particular concern to the Armenian leadership and other relevant officials, if not to some silence. Meanwhile, what is the real danger of the unprecedented flowering of the mentioned algae in Lake Sana…
“The flourishing of algae testifies to a new and very big challenge to the state security of Armenia,” said a biophysicist, chemist, economist, full member of the Greek ATINER Academy, economic development and investments of the Public Council of the Republic of Armenia. Armen Avagyan, Chairman of the Subcommittee, Expert of the Council of the CIS Council on various EU programs (view from 7:08).

According to the scientist, the first bloom of these blue-green cyanobacteria (anabena) in Lake Shana was recorded in 1964.
“Cyanobacteria can produce toxins, becoming responsible for the increase in water poisoning, both in humans and wildlife,” creating serious problems for water suppliers, “said Armen Avagyan. in the list of pollutants as leaders. “Cyanobacteria can cause allergic reactions, gastroenteritis and even more serious diseases. Neurotoxins damage the nervous system, hepatotoxins damage the liver, dermatotoxins irritate the skin and mucous membranes.”
According to the guest of “Scientific Armenia” program, the neurotoxin alkaloids produced by Anabena (a type of blue-green algae) present in Xi’an are deadly to humans at a content of 20 micrograms per liter of water. The permissible level of microtoxin in water by the World Health Organization is up to 1 microgram per liter. “Some toxins stimulate the growth of tumors.”
According to Armen Avagyan, as a result of poisoning by the poison produced by blue-green algae, the liver of cows, pigs, sheep, dogs and birds was damaged. Poisoning of humans, livestock, poultry, fish farms, crayfish, and aquatic fauna in general can occur either through contact with or drinking water containing toxins during the flowering period of these algae, or through the use of agricultural products grown with such water. In other words, not only the fish and crayfish of Lake Sanaa are in danger of poisoning, but also the fruits and vegetables of the Ararat valley irrigated by the lake water, if the appropriate measures are not taken to remove the lake from the current situation, the poison content in the water will increase.
According to the scientist, the rapid growth of blue-green algae in Lake Sanaa, which we are witnessing now, can cause quite serious health problems among the population of Armenia, it is a big challenge to our national security, as it threatens our food security, fish, when such They absorb toxic substances, it enters them, when a person eats these fish, he indirectly gets these toxins.
More. Lake Sanaa, as the scientist noted, provides 80% of our irrigation and drinking water; Let’s add that the already high rates of morbidity and mortality of the population will increase significantly. The organic material that stimulated and stimulated the growth of blue-green algae that caused water pollution in Lake Sanaa, even According to official information, it exceeds the allowable norm. According to the same study, the amount of copper in Lake Sanaa exceeds the maximum allowable density by 1.3-7.3 times, the amount of chromium by 2-3.8 times, vanadium – 5-5.6 times, magnesium – 1.2 times, selenium – 5 , 7-7 times. Who, or rather, who will be responsible for all this? The lake could not be polluted just like that չի it did not pollute itself with the above-mentioned materials, people are to blame – relevant state officials (past and present), businesses… If they are not held accountable, then the authorities’ fight against corruption is fierce, aimed at creating corruption. So in reality there is no new Armenia, it is the old Armenia renamed by fraud.
It should be noted that Armen Avagyan is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Industrial Chemical Society, he is the first Armenian scientist to be recognized as a genius in the United States, received the title of laureate of the Albert Einstein Prize, being considered the most influential in the history of science. one of the leaders. He was also named one of the 100 World Professionals by the University of Cambridge, England, and was awarded the International Presidential Award. Armen A.

Vagyan’s biography is included in the biographical books of various scientific centers in Cambridge, USA: “2000 prominent intellectuals of the XXI century”, “Prominent intellectuals of the XXI century”, “Dictionary of international biographies”, as well as Marcus’ book “Who is who”.
2017 Armen Avagyan was elected a full member of the ATINER Academy of Greece (Department of Chemistry and Environment), which unites 2307 academics from 115 countries, as well as the founder of the Marquis Who’s Who Publishing House, which has been operating since 1899. (The Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award) for Outstanding Global Leadership and Excellence
Armen Avagyan is a member of the editorial boards of international journals, such as Environmental Chemical Engineering (USA), Chemical, Environmental Biological Engineering (USA), and Modern Governance Forum (Singapore).
This year Armen Avagyan is also a member of the organizing committees of various international conferences, including the 5th World Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming (New York, USA), the 7th World Convention on Waste Recycling. Tokyo, Japan), Conference on “Water Pollution – Wastewater Management” (Rome, Italy), “Congress of Bioenergy” (Berlin, Germany), “Earth Science and Geology. To Promote and Analyze Changes in the Country ”(Amsterdam, Netherlands), Reservoir Engineering for Extreme Oil and Gas Emissions (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Environmental Science and Technology (Vienna, Austria).
Armen Avagyan’s unique world achievement is considered to be the author of the theory presented by the author “Theory of Global Sustainable Development based on the use of microalgae in industrial-biological cycles. Design and Construction of a New Biological System, published by the world’s largest publisher, Amazon.
We would like to inform you that earlier we referred to the rapid and dangerous growth of blue-green algae in Lake Sanaa with our publication “Intensive growth of blue-green algae in Lake Sanaa this year, some of them are poisonous, research (videos) have started”.
The interview with the guest of “Scientific Armenia” program could be followed live on AABC TV, USA, as well as online at “Noyan Tapan” news center, “Noyan Tapan” TV channel Youtube, “Noyan Tapan” Facebook on N “Noyan Tapan” Facebook group.

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