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Emik Avagyan is the author of the invention of an automatic wheelchair.

Today, many talk about the need for people with disabilities in society, but few know about the great contribution of the famous Armenian physicist Emik Avagyan to the integration of people with musculoskeletal disorders into society. He is the author of the mechanism for placing the wheelchair of a computer-controlled computer և wheelchair.
One of the main inventions of Emik Avagyan is the invention of the automatic wheelchair, which replaced the manual wheelchair with an automatic one. It should be noted that many of Emik Avagyan’s discoveries were related to his health problems.
Emik Avagyan was born in 1924 in Tabriz, Persia, with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. For the medical care needed by Emik, the Avagyan family moved from Persia to Russia, then to Germany and finally settled in New York. Despite his health condition, Avagyan was able to get higher education at Eureka College in the field of physics and mathematics. He later went on to study for a master’s degree at Columbia University.

During his student years, Avagyan had communication problems with a typist who took notes for him. Thus, one of Avagyan’s famous inventions became the breathing machine.
Emik Avagyan was awarded the US President John F. Kennedy Prize in 1961 for his great contribution to improving the lives of people with disabilities and integrating them into society. In 1963, Emik was awarded the Royal Medal by the Shah of Iran, in 1976 by the Armenian Centennial Committee for Outstanding Practice in Science, and in 1979 by the oldest US engineer, the Tau Beta Pi, for the Outstanding Engineer Award. In 1996, Emik Avagyan was awarded the official Order of the Doctor of Eureka College.
Emik Avagyan died in 2013 in Massachusetts, where he lived with his wife, Annie.

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