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Luther George Simjian

The author of the ATMs was an American of Armenian descent
is: Scientist Simjyan created the first ATM in 1939. Interestingly, he offered his invention to the “City Bank of New York”, which returned the car half a year later. did not evaluate the capabilities of the device.

What he created was only different from today’s ATMs. It was not connected with the bank, it provided cash later, but it did not write it off from the account.

“It seems that ATMs are used only by card players and prostitutes who do not want to see the cashier in person,” Simjyan once said.

Luther Simjian is the author of several inventions in the United States, about 200 patents. It was Simjyan who patented the inventions of banknotes, then already in 1965, ATMs designed for coins.

The second attempt to create an ATM was made by John Shepard-Baron from Scotland. It paid for the check, which had to be received in advance at the bank.

Luther George Simjian was born in 1905 in Ayntap. After losing his family during the Armenian Genocide, he moved to Beirut, then to Marseilles. 1920 he appeared in the United States.

Luther Simjian has worked as a photographer since he was 15 years old. In 1928 he became the director of the photography department, creating the microscope of pictures.

Simjyan had great commercial success during World War II when he invented the military flight simulator. The latter was used in the training of US military pilots to assess the speed and range of aircraft.

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