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Roger Edward Kolingwu Altunyan

Roger Edward Kolingwu Altunyan was an English-Armenian pharmacist who used sodium chromogylate to treat asthma. His family moved to the United Kingdom, where he studied medicine and began his research.
Pharmacological examinations
Starting with khella, the traditional remedy for asthma Altunyan discovered in 1965 that the active ingredient of khella is khella. He eventually produced a safer chemical called sodium chromogylate. It was later sold as Intal by Fisons Pharmaceuticals, which it acquired from Ron-Pollenk Rohr, which in turn acquired Aventis և [[sanofi-aventis. Prior to the acquisition of RPR, Fisons’s R&D component was sold to Astra, making it part of AstraZeneca. Sodium chromogylate was the first clinically used mast cell stabilizer. Clogs play a very important role in the inflammation of allergies and asthma. Mast cells contain powerful inflammatory mediators that cause inflammation և by bronchoconstriction. Sodium chromoglate stabilizes the cell, preventing the release of mediators.
Ambicromil (Probicromil) is patented in Lowborough, Leicester. This is the structure of Benzadipyrn.

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