Noyan Tapan (Noah's Ark) Foundation

For the Advancement of Science, innovation and perspective development

Foundation programs

Convinced that the Armenian scientific thought has great potential, which can be one of the cornerstones of Armenia’s development, as well as of great value in terms of the development of world civilization, as it has been for centuries, the main goal of the Noyan Tapan Foundation is to support modern To present their innovative developments, inventions and ideas to the Armenian scientists and inventors, as well as to bring to life the most promising ones.

It is no secret that inventors and scientists often do not have the opportunity to present innovative ideas and inventions to the public for various reasons. Insufficient material resources, misunderstanding or neglect by the representatives of official science, etc.

It has often happened in the history of science and technology that the new one has a hard time overcoming it due to the scientific stereotypes, ingrained ideas and misconceptions that prevail in its path.

The Noyan Tapan Foundation is primarily designed to support scientists and inventors who have innovative ideas and theories but for various reasons are unable to implement or present them to the public.

Such ideas and theories, after being approved by the Foundation’s Professional Council, are included in the list of the Foundation’s projects and work begins on their implementation as separate projects.

Projects are usually implemented through the initial financing of a project created specifically for the implementation of the project. The inventor with his scientific team, the foundation and the working group formed by the inventor and the foundation for each project have a large share in the enterprises.

These companies are involved in the innovation and further development, production and implementation of these technologies with the participation or leadership of the authors of perspective technologies.

Thus, the goals of the foundation are:

1. To support the development of scientific thought.

2. Train և train specialists in different fields of science.

3. Create a scientific and technological information network.

4. Conduct scientific seminars, conferences and seminars.

5. To support the creation and popularization of new technologies developed by scientists, researchers and inventors, their introduction into production and the economy.

6. Assist scientists and inventors in presenting their innovative developments to the public. Establish enterprises that participate in the further development, production and implementation of these technologies with the participation or leadership of the authors of innovation and promising technologies.

7. Create an environment conducive to the creative ideas of scientists, researchers, and inventors in the form of discussion platforms, TV shows, periodicals, websites, professional clubs, and more.

8. Contribute to the quality of education of young people in Armenia and the conduct of professional training for scientists.