Noyan Tapan (Noah's Ark) Foundation

For the Advancement of Science, innovation and perspective development

Programs 2016-2020

The main goal of the “Noyan Tapan” Foundation is to support.

The revival of science and invention in Armenia,
creating new companies based on innovative technologies,
the restoration of the scientific industry,
the opening of new scientific and technical training centers,
to raise the prestige of science in the youth.

1 ․ The foundation is primarily designed to support scientists and inventors who have innovative ideas and theories but for various reasons are unable to implement or present them to the public. It is no secret that inventors and scientists often do not have the opportunity to present innovative ideas to the public, inventions for various reasons. Insufficient material resources, distrust or neglect of their innovative ideas by the representatives of official science, etc.

By helping the inventor develop a working model of his or her idea and making sure of the prospects for these innovations, the foundation seeks out and finds investors, resulting in a new company involving the inventor, investors, and the foundation that incorporates that innovation or invention into life. The fund’s participation in these companies will allow the fund, in addition to the classic fundraising, to have other sources of funding and direct the money received to the implementation of its statutory goals.


2 ․ The aim of the foundation is also to try to create an appropriate environment where Armenian inventors and scientists can freely communicate with each other, present their ideas and innovations to each other and the public, organize discussions and meet with potential investors. We also attach great importance to the role of this environment in terms of communication between inventors and innovators of different generations, as a result of which new ideas and collaborations will surely emerge.

For this purpose, the Inventors’ Club operates under the foundation, which organizes meetings and events every two weeks. These gatherings, which are usually broadcast on the Internet, are almost always attended by journalists from various television and print media. Based on the content of the discussions at the meetings of the Inventors’ Club, the Armenian media are always present at the gatherings and widely cover them.

3 ․ The goal of the foundation is also to arouse love and interest in science, knowledge and invention in the society and especially among the youth. To this end, the Foundation plans a number of activities, the most important of which are ․

Establishment of a popular science journal
Preparation of a popular science program and organization of a show both on the Internet and on one of the Armenian TV channels
Regional visits and lectures for high school and university students
Establishment of inventive and technological groups
Establishment of the Academy of Innovative Science

Financial support is needed to keep the foundation running smoothly.

We need to be able to retain at least two or three employees of the club secretariat, as well as a database of ideas and innovations of Armenian inventors, to prepare and maintain a database. These staff should also be able to present the Club members’ inventions and ideas to the public and potential investors in a variety of appropriate and understandable languages. It should be noted that the club currently employs about 40 inventors, the vast majority of whom are the authors of many registered inventions, patents and innovations.